Does Rahul Mahajan tell us anything?

Rahul Mahajan is behind the most secured walls of Tihar Jail of Delhi. There are two diverse view on Rahul Mahajan. One and most common, he is a spoilt kid of a BIG leader, who had done whatever he felt and got away because of his father. The second view is he's seen his world changing in less then a month, he was going to flow his father's  ashes to Brahmaputra river in Assam (now Asom) which was his father's last land of working. but his bad days (or stars) wanted something else…

 Rahul Mahajan case actully tells us the story of how insesitive can big people be. Lets not talk about how Rahul got drugged, who is Sahil and What role was of Bibek Moitra, but how people close to Rahul behaved during the whole incident…

Rahul got drugged somehow and he was admitted to Hospital by his servents, his father's old and trusted people didn't turned up, Harish Sharma who was Pramod Mahajan's aid during his ministership, instructed Mahajan's servents only through mobile. BJP president Rajnath Singh came and went as soon as he knew it was a case of overdose, no leader came in true spirit and accepted Rahul as he was. He when he was fighting for his life. People who used to line-up in front of Pramod Mahajan were either suddenly very busy or had nothing to say in this Family and private matter.

He is in Tihar and oneday he will be relased, will BJP or any other party or their leaders accept him, I think the struggle of Rahul has just started.


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