Ganguly lost by 5 Votes

It was seen as the last chance for Saurav Ganguly to make a return to Indian Cricket side, but Jagmohan Dalamia won over ganguly. Ya, I might be sounding stupid by saying it was election between Dalamia and Ganguly, not Prasun Mukherjee but saurav Ganguly himself made it like that by another e-mail, I think ganguly should again think abt his net-attiquettes. People are saying that Dalamia was able to postpone his fate for one more year but I dont think so, at least now. Jagmohan Dalamia’s battle is not his last chance to secure his pride but also his existence. For the moment he was successfull to win his battle but there many more to come, He weill have to fight very hard to get matches for Lords of India (Eden Gardens), to get permission from Municipal Comission, fire department, police and so on, So Mr. Dalamia, better if you are ready otherwise winning over the world is very tough…. and by the to Mr. Ganguly, as Dalamia said he is just a ‘Bachcha’ (Kid) in thepolitics.


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