phl.jpg  It will be a month long PHL this year, exactly the way Indian thinks, if you like it, try to have it all, If Indian like McDonald Burger they will go everyday to have it, if they like cricket they will go mad and play most number of matches a year, if they like cinema they will produce most numbers of movies every year, so it was bound to happen with hockey too, first two years of success made PHL authority to be more greedy of it, I wonder they may overkill it.  Sultan’s were from Hyderabad first year, then they hit rock-bottom next year before being on No. 3 second year, Lion’s last year killer claws and Maratha Warrior’s surrender…  It all happened in the second edition where the league was hosted by Cool Chandigarh, Chandigarh also saw warmth of hockey fans who came innovative in the stadium. An overall good tournament of Chandigarh Dynamos, Rajpal, Sardara and Didar Singh who went on to become Man of the Series, and Len Aiyappa of Banglore Lions with the looks of Hindi Movie villain being top scorer for his drag flicks, foreign players however were good, instead of Abbasi, and Jorge Lombi who were surrounded like SPG by opponents. but at last Lions had the last laugh and rest…


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