Maratha without Warriors, and Orissa “Steeled” the show

phl.jpgDhanraj Pillay was finally not somewhere in the scene this time, quoted as India’s one of the best striker who also did playmaker role nicely was at last not in the hockey field. Last time he played hard but could not stop his team to hit rock bottom, a broken player who was more a victim of administrator than of time or luck is missing this time around, dont worry Dhanraj our administrator are doing their best to kill few more talents, incidently one is you former Maratha team warrior Viren Rasquinha, who was at the recieving end of IHF’s sommersaults just before Asian Games. Viren looks rock solid in defence, more than that he puts his effort in the team and dive of the artificial grass well. Enough about player now abt PHL III. Shivendra is in good form for last few months he showed same in chennai too, although the match between Warriors and Shers  went in extra-time but it was hard for Shers not conciedind goals for whole 70 minutes, Gagan should take voluntery retirement now from the scene, how long will it take to drown his great father Ajit Singh’s name. He doesn’t look atheletic and playes hockey like chess, not because he playes with brain but because he plays a total individual game. Maratha team is a threat to any good team this year, they have Adam Sinclair and will have strikers from Pak in the later edition. Shers used their body more than sticks, chandigarh did it too in their game, so are we going to see WWF in hockey field soon, any way atlast Maratha won, because Shivendra striked, and Shers los because they didn’t strike at all.

Scoreline: Maratha Warriors 1 – 0 Sher-e-Jalandhar 

Orrisa have much stronger team that any edition, great Indian Wall is on their side this year and will get arrows of Adnan from Pak later on,  Chandigarh Dynamos… aah what to say about them? they will learn hockey quickly I guess…

Scoreline: Orissa Steelers 1 – 0 Chandigarh Dynamos 


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