Being English

flintoff-16-jan-2007.jpgBeing English is one of the most difficult thing in world, you need to be advance and modern in your attitude as well as you have to bear the tag of “Gentleman” throughout your life, American girls may fall for your accent but you are not supposed to shout or abuse in public because of you being english. Same thing happened with england’ s cricket team who is down under right now.  I am sure they wanted to cry after the humiliating whitewash of Ashes but for english people, Boys Dont Cry . England tasted their first victory on Aussie soil this season but that too on Black Cap New Zealand. The one-day of Hobart was more of England’s attempt to gain bit of the confidence as they could not win even a single match or moment since they lost to Australia’s Prime Minister XI. Australian Prime Minister John Howard is a great cricket fan but that doesn’t mean they will build strongest cricket team for him, England was nowhere near to there rivals but now when the rival is different the result is also different. To be true england didn’t won the match all over, there were not enough runs on the board, there run rate was like a snail even in last overs and black caps almost succeeded in keeping Freddy Flintoff away from the strike. England has finally won a match but I am sure they are not going to be satisfied with the only win on the tour, they certainly will try to win from now onwards so that they can remain English.


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