Amma by Aalok

We’ve talked about Maa, by Nida Fazli but mother is not just one peom, a beautiful expression of mother and motherhood is brilliantly told as a tale by my friend and popular poet (still young!) Aalok Shrivastav. He’s given a reason to every son and daughter of the world to be proud of his/her mother in his peom Amma… here is his and all of ours Amma for all of you…

Chintan, darshan, jeevan, sarjan, rooh, nazar par chhai amma
saare ghar ka shor-sharaba, soona-pan, tanhai amma

saare rishte, jeth-dupahari, garm-hawa, aatish, angare
jharna, dariya, jheel, samandar, bheeni si purwai amma

ghar mein jheene rishte maine laakhon baar udhadte dekhe
chupke-chupke kar deti hai jaane kab turpai amma

usne khud ko khokar mujhmein ek naya aakaar liya hai
dharti, ambar, aag, hawa, jal jaisi hi sachchai amma

baabu ji guzre, aapas mein sab cheezein taqseem huin, tab-
main ghar mein sabse chhota thha, mere hisse aai amma


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One response to “Amma by Aalok

  1. Niraj

    He is a great poet. Thanks a lot for posting it.

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