A burning heart and a police station

Police in India never works, but it needed a woman to make a police station in Sasaram (Bihar) work day and night, these police station is working hard on solving a case of prank call, no new or interesting thing yet, but what when we tell you that a woman is making these prank calls, still not interested then what about this, she is making prank calls in the police station and asking policeman to extinguish her “Burning heart”. Yes, a woman! picture this, a woman calls a police officer in police station and says ” can you help me?” having woman on the other side of the phone the tone of policeman automatically becomes softest, she then adds ” I wanna make a complaint” the sense of duty suddenly goes up in his heart suddenly when woman says ” my heart is burning, can you extinguish that” stumled policeman asks the ‘madame’ to be bit clear on her complaint she again says ” my heart is burning, can you extiguish that” the smile of policeman’s face disappears with his sense of duty and now he tries to scold the woman, the woman the gives him a beautiful abuse and says now I dont know how will you do it but do it… soon  I will try to post the video of the whole story “Dil ki aag bujha do”


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