(everybody was “Nishabd” in theatre )


Nishabd is exectly like this, a movie but not like movies, Lolita but not like Lolita, American Beauty, but not like American Beauty. The story started and ended there only, it didn’t move even a milimeter, Jia comes to Amitabh’s house, they somehow (I could not make out how) come close, they dont do anything but they were bad. RGV has shot this movie beautifully, including Jiah Khan’s legs, there more shots of her thighs than her face! before going to the theatre i knew lil abt the story, and there was only that in the story, Munnar is beautiful and its away from Mumbai, I believe Ramu lost his screenplay in Mumbai only so instead of bringing it back from Mumbai he decided to go without it, and Ramu, u did it!!! there were few characters in the move, (and i guess few people in creative department too, he saved money on story, script, and dialogue department), the camera work was nice (and very zig-zag), I wont talk about background score, because it really was amazing…(ya I am not joking this time), The movie was very obivious and had nothing exciting, sometimes RGV didn’t even used his common sense, Big B was big but not bigger than the movie, he seems be to in good form like Robin Utthappa of team India who is hitting balls at his will, Jiah Khan was like Antara Mali in the movie (more for flesh than for acting) Revathi was graceful (I dont knw why Amitabh had supposed or imgined problems with her because not even in a single frame she made the family uncomfortable), role of her brother was not well thought (at least not well written) and wat else? I like three things in the movie, Munnar, Background Score and Amibath Bachchan’s Gypsy (I really loved the no-door gypsy) and about movie well, I am Nishabd.



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5 responses to “          (everybody was “Nishabd” in theatre )

  1. Well said (I’m Nishabd) 🙂

  2. deepti

    hey u can b a gr8 critic…well dost taraqqi jaari rahe!
    well hats off to AMIT ROY the cinematographer…n yup locations r awesome…rest i hated jiah in every frame despite i could c that she has a talent which was hidden behind, actually RGV kept it hiddden behind the shots of her legs…so true…n dont u think at times its too much from Abby sir…however he gave a an OK performance…well after this um also nishabd!

  3. Chinmay

    Hey u remember I was with you in that great watching…no wonder your mind responded and you turned a critic. Great Going…

  4. @ Dipti

    RGV’s done it again with his AAG…

    @ Chinmay

    RGV rocks man… he rocks our minds…

  5. arvind mishra


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