Diary of Joshua


Diary of Joshua
Hi Diary

My dad gave me biggest surprise of my life, My dad was telling me about the story of people who wear uniform and carry gun on the streets, he told me that they were playing hide and seek and were searching for a boy, it was my birthday, so when those dressed people came to my house my dad told me that he’d invited them for a party and party will begin as soon as my mom returns with my grandma. Those people took everyone of us with them and uncle Leo was also with us, my dad told me that it was the surprise, they all were going for a Big game which was planned for my birthday, he was very happy but others were not may be because it was my birthday not theirs. They drove us far and that day I first saw the train, it was so big and many players were inside the train, I thought we wont get the place inside the train but my dad told me that he’d reserved seats for us. we were so happy to go, the train moved but stopped immediately i asked my dad why was it stopped he told me that some more players wanna join in, i was even more excited. when i reached there it was so dirty but my dad told me that if i complain i will lose my points. and day by day i collected more and more points. One night there was little restlessness outside our room, my dad took me and asked me to keep inside a box, to get few more points i stayed there, u knw few dogs also came very close to me but decided not to lose any points so i kept quite, after some points a dressed man went with my dad, then i slept. In the morning eveything was quite, I came out, it seemed the game ended, my dad was not there may be he went to the authorities to get the keys of the REAL TANK. and you know the tank came. I won, I won the game that was the biggest victory of my life, I also met my mom there she was also very happy that I won, but I dont know why my dad didn’t came to meet me after that, may be because I came out on tank without him, maybe he was angry with me, Dad, please come home. I won because you

Your Son
Joshua Guido


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  1. i think the original movie is bit different then this story, i never read this story.
    swati bute

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