MJ, you will never Rest in Peace


MJ, you will never Rest in Peace Yes, you will not, because you made me restless. This is no way to go, I was saving each and every penny for your comeback tour, but now tell me what will I do with that money. You will not rest in peace because I am yet to learn to moonwalk. I saw you doing it on stage, in videos and in my dreams, how can you rest till I learn to match my steps with yours, if not perfect it. You will not rest in peace because there are still many people who are untouched by your “earth song”, your “we are the world” and “they don’t really care about us”. MJ, you were so bad for you had so many court cases slapped against you. How can you rest till the time you proclaim your innocence to the world. Come out and say, “I’m not so BAD.” Did you ever think about what will happen to all the charity work that you started to help less blessed? I am sure you can not rest in peace like that. You have a lot to do…many unfinished tasks to do. You were supposed to prove yourself again, you were supposed to do moonwalk around the world once more, you were supposed to adopt two children from every continent so that you could help as many as you could in your lifetime, but you were a BAD guy so how can you rest? But if you were a good guy, you still have miles to go before you sleep. I am sure you can not rest in peace because hundred of thousands will not rest in peace when they see your last journey. Your burial seemed just like your another music video and people like me kept their fingers crossed, waiting to see you tearing the grave apart and resurfacing and dancing to the tunes of Thriller. You will never rest in peace because the world will not, there are still wars, crimes, poverty, pollution and racial discrimination. Michael I am sure you will not Rest in Peace, but even then I pray: Rest in Peace, Michael.


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