Delhi doesn’t owe me anything, as the matter of fact i don’t owe anything to city as well… i live in delhi, and i am sure i can live in other cities as well…. like my friends.. living all over india… all over world, still Delhi mesmerises me… and infact it mesmerises me more everyday, and i know I am not alone in the romance with Delhi… Raghu Rai, William Dalrymple and many more have fall into the lap of delhi and could never got up…

The delhi which we see today, broad raods, metro, low floor buses, and the amazing Ridge area is not the delhi i have fascination with, its something else which lives beyond that, a magic that stops everyday as soon as first metro starts picking up school kids and working people around the city, the joy of Delhi is not on broad roads or numerous fly-overs but instead in narrow lanes or Delhi, feel Delhi, on service lanes of Connaught place, at around 5 or 6 am you will feel that city is waking up for a new start and literally everyday… smell the city on the next morning of Diwali… you will feel the festival in the air… or morning of Holi… nobody will ask you to pick gulal, yet you will find yourself like a little kid wanting to color whole city…

Delhi’s mughal character is still intact… not near malls and (picture) halls… delhi people take pride in the city… not long ago Delhi was like a big joint family, if you bunk your school you were sure news of you watching movie in theater will reach your home much before you reach, a big family big joint family, many of the cities of India have moved ahead from the word Join Family, it is time of nuclear family, smaller the family more freedom assured, part of delhi still believe in living in the age of joint family where all the members do their part to run a big family of many members, delhi’s biggest enemy has been crime against women, but again this has to be looked into more honest manner… as stats and experience suggest almost 90% of the crime against women happen from someone who is known to the girl… and rest happens when delhi attracts more people every day from neighboring states… recent case of Mangolpuri rape case we saw criminals were from outside of delhi or in most of the other cases the victim was familiar with the  ‘criminal’ now how is one suppose to stop enemy within, still go to purani dilli  in the night you will see good families with women and children having magaj bhurji at Al-Jawahar at Jama Masjid, I am not justifying crimes but we need to have honest look at it.

Delhi is frank, honest yet not blunt to people while cities like Bangalore, Mumbai are mostly inhuman in nature, i know someone from mumbai and he told me this incident, he used to live in a home and one night he came back very late in the morning he hear the cries of the family he was paying rent to, he came to know the landlord passed away, he said i was very tired so i just closed my eyes and did not get up, this scares me… delhi on the other hand gives respect, still i see people standing and putting their hand on head when they see dead body passing, they feel connect with each other which sadly is eroding every day, every hour and now every minute, i am aware soon Delhi will not be Delhi anymore, but till this happens let Delhi be Delhi… lets celebrate delhi… lets thank Delhi for giving us best shape of Urdu and much more which i wont be able to discover in one life time…


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