forget the beautiful smell of morning in delhi, forget the pleasure of watching century old monuments in sunshine of winters… forget sitting under Jamun tree in summers… forget it.. because it is time to forget the past and act now… the city is suffering from a disease, a disease called superiority complex, and state of denial is making it worse, Delhi can feel fortunate of being multiple power center, A Central government, state government and local bodies but interestingly they are are acting against delhi. actually the delhi has many cities in it, it basically is a small india, and since last 20 years it is the perfect reflection of how country is being governed, political governments came they build concrete jungle and now they claim they’ve built a perfect city to be in, which infact is the case, with every inch of concrete the city’s paid with the culture as the price… i am not sad about the state of delhi, rather disappointed… this is city is run by the people who are not connected with it even remotely. the chief minister, the prime minister and even local bodies, they’ve all gave only one thing to this city a superiority complex, much like moughals and nawabs who were in denial state till they extinct…


we have multiple powers roaming on road in city, someone is someone of someone, so the other one doesn’t like it and try to take frustration out on someone else as a result he does something else to someone and thus someone pays the price for being no one… this is the story of delhi in last 20 years… who rules the city is the big question, the chief minister doesn’t.. and its quite evident when she asks journalists to pray for good commonwealth games, she surely is wrong person at the right place, she doesn’t deserve to serve… and to add she has lot of relatives walking on roads working for her… her daughter beats up a lawyer on road.. her son is an MP and claims to be the youth face of her party though he is more older than any youth.. he denies of being old.. even CM calls herself youth.. this is the perfect example for state of denial…


The police is more concerned of what people say on Facebook rather what is the reality… and to add they’ve decided to make police stations look more beautiful… look beautiful.. and they’ve did least to work beautiful… MCD… decided to come on facebook and suddenly decided to take complaints of garbage only… Prime Minister doesn’t care for the city outside lutyens zone and his coalition government.. the youth faces of all the political parties are more concerned on putting they posters on the walls of city…


and this city is suffering.. suffocation and slowly dying… same way the mumbai died in 40s and 50s.. the bangalore dies in 90s and many other cities are choosing to die… i feel like a small child looking at his most lovable grandmother dying infront of his eyes… she told her many stories… she gave her good values.. but now she can not withstand pollution… so she is dying.. but not in peace.. the grandson is helpless…


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  1. i am becoming a fan of ur writings….where do u work presently?

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