that was yesterday…

It was the year 2003, I was a reporter and was going through a very difficult time, i had my stories going down, i had my stories being leaked to other journalists, and so much, was lowest in confidence and was struggling to focus, 14 February was coming and i was short of story ideas, my bureau chief who supported me alot in my career asked me, what will you do for V day, i said, sir, was thinking of doing a special report on flower market that   takes place in the center of Delhi just for few hours… he agreed and cautioned, the story should be beautiful, my confidence was so low that i couldn’t even nod my head, came out of his cabin and sat quite, i didn’t knew what to do, but fortunately i was working with some of the world’s best camera-persons… one of them was Ravi, amazing man and extraordinary cameraman, i asked him would he be doing a story on flower market, he agreed and gave me a beautiful smile which boosted my career, few of my other colleagues were planning a V day party they invited me but i was not in a frame to attend such party, doing a story was my only focus on V day… we both stayed awake whole night, Ravi kept shooting and captured one of the most beautiful shots of flower i’ve ever seen, at 6 AM the market was closed and we were very happy when we came back… i had one of the most beautiful shots of flowers and I had a lovely script in my hand by the time i came back to the office, but my bad luck got better of me, when i tried digitizing the tape the tape got so damaged that it was of no use, my story, my day and my V day was spoiled, it was tired… tired of fighting my luck it was the time when my then friends played a song for me… the song was Kyun Chatli hai Pawan, and suddenly the depression was gone, i was feeling better, and, from that day whenever someone talks about february 14, this song starts in my mind… na tum jano na hum… but.. that was yesterday…


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