Sachin it was, a world cup that wasn’t…

india is a country of drama and  extravagance of emotion, be it a family function or political theater, india’s always produced drama, be it our religious scriptures or our very own bollywood movies, dialogues-counter dialogues had made our life far more entertaining than anyone else’s in the world, same is with our sports, be it football in bengal, or hockey in punjab, they drive emotions, pakistan is not different either, and when we talk abt india-pakistan sports we must not forget the cricketing rivalry of both the teams…   players, coaches and even umpires made india-pakistan cricket look greater than any sport. there are so many instances of prodigy overtaking a giant, bit like david and the goliath, something similar happened between two cricketers, one was a prodigy then n the other was stalward, and i am lucky to hear it from one of the man of this classical yet respectful spat. Sachin Tendulkar was a kid who was center of discussions of cricket expert around the world, and on the other hand there was Abdul Qadir, the master of tweak bowling who was our guest during 2007 cricket world cup… his deadly googlies got better of the best those days and sachin was one of promising kids of that time… i head this story from Abdul Qadir, certainly he was not very happy telling this story but he made every effort to take some pride in this piece of history.

sachin was part of the cricket team that was visiting pakistan in winters of 89, he was the youngest of lad who was going to wear a test cap, and there was a friendly ( i wonder this exist between india and pakistan) match, qadir was bowling in beautiful rhythm and he’d already heard about sachin’s rare talent, when sachin was to face his first ball qadir asked him if you are really something like people say step out and try hitting me, it was a ploy, a cunning effort to tempt a little kid with a candy, the kid took the chance and grabbed the candy ( it was six) again qadir asked that boy to step out again if he has the courage ( second ploy) he came out on ball went into the stands, n he repeated it again later, it became the last match for Qadir and first shot of fame to sachin, while telling this story qadir maintained that he was encouraging sachin so that he can make a big name by hitting the best spinner of that time, but i don’t think he was saying truth, it was amazing to hear it from his mouth, with his full punjabi accent there was a man who was telling me story of his downfall, story of the last nail in his coffin still because it was sachin he took pride in it, thats sachin…  and this was the only good memory i have of 2007 Cricket World Cup


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