It’s not about Rape, it’s about reaction


Since past few months, India seems to be engages in a new game, ‘weekend protest game’ recent ‘spontaneous protest’ at Vijay Chowk seems to be the new playground for this, earlier Jantar Mantar was the favourite pitch for the same. First there is NOTHING wrong in protests, infact India was too sleepy about it till recently, Anna-Arvind sold the concept of ‘Mango Man’ protest to the country, a concept which was ignored by almost every political party and leader. 

Coming back to the Vijay Chowk protest, there is more to what we see and emotionally feel, we might be looking hard to search for our own ‘Tehrir Chowk’ in Jantar Mantar, Ramlila Maidan or now Vijay Chowk, we are forgetting a crucial link, and that link is weekend connection. the gruesome rape happened on Sunday night, till thursday all the accused were arrested, but in the meanwhile the demand for harshest punishment was already wild, but again, what prompted people to gather and protest on Vijay Chowk? while few hundred meters away stands India Gate which too has become symbol of standing up for the rights, Saturday marked first weekend after the incident, and since Anna movement it’s a trend to ‘join’ protest on empty weekends, we might have become weekend protesting city unknowingly, the difference between Tehrir Square and Delhi remains that in Tehrir Square people gathered day and night, from around the world for a cause, while in the Delhi, which in many year’s failed to keep the very basic nature of Delhi, the culture is becoming hypocritical. No government, no social group, or even no school ever told school kids about the culture of Delhi, which deteriorated with time time. 

 Delhi, the ‘Power Capital’ of India is News Capital too, and as an insider I can say News Channel is a hungry Giant, it needs to be fed every moment, and incident like this sometimes ensure uninterrupted supply of ‘Food’ to run the giant, sometimes it’s cricket, politics, and sometimes it’s rape. The engines of Indian society ( Politicians, Bureaucrats and Police too) takes these  incidents as Storm Sandy which creates terror but passes eventually.


I personally believe there is enough laws in India, and we do not need any new law, all we need to is to respect and follow the existing laws first, be it traffic laws or more serious offences, and I guess it’s time to seek answers during elections, because clicking on ‘Online Petitions’ will do nothing but fill email inbox and facebook timelines, if the problem is real lets try and find the real answers.



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2 responses to “It’s not about Rape, it’s about reaction

  1. Uzma jafri

    I completely agree…our society is nthng but many have gathered at india gate demanding justice for the rape victim by changing the law. Undoubtedly the laws of our country have to b stricter nd jurisdiction b fast and immediate. But how many of us actually respect the already existing laws? Why go far, just a small exmpl of breaking the traffic rule..whnvr v r caught v try bribing the policemen so that v have to spare less money frm our pockets, for a challan of 1000 rs v tell him to take 200 nd leave us…what r v doung here??? If that policemen is guilty of taking the bribe thn even v r equally guilty of disrespecting the law nd bribing the policeman…so guyss charity begins at home. Sitting at india gate nd that too on weekends (whn most of the offices r closed) shows a hypocritical attitude nt only towards society bt towards ur ownself. Charity begins at home, so first change urself and thn the society or the laws

  2. we’ve become country of convenience… or the proper word for that is Jugaad… and politicians are mere reflection of our society… we get what we deserve…

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