Hear Boys too

scream girls should hear

in the wake of gruesome Delhi rape, it’s equally shameful to every man of Delhi but…. there is a big BUT here…. (please note there is only one ‘T’ here…) every man is not rapist, every delhi boy is not molester, and every local boy is not running after chicks for some clicks, here are few points by a Delhi boy

1. We ‘Hate’ rape as much as you do, even more because even a single case paints all of us Black

2. We do not and will not rape, because either we have a girl friend/wife or we are of no use

3. We are equally scared of going out late night, because there are more number of murders by strangers than rapes

4. We HATE Rape ( repetition intended )

5. Girls have right to dress the way they want, they have responsibility to carry their dress too

6.  If we are looking at you we might actually be honestly praising your beauty, or your earring, or your bindi, to gift similar to our sister/mother/gf. There is nothing wrong in that

7. If four boys are standing and laughing they might be cracking joke on their school teacers, it’s not necessary that they are ‘eve teasing’ you.


9. We too only go out for late night movies when we are sure of transportation… Auto-wallah’s have tried looting us too.

10. the MALE friend was also beaten ( almost to death ) by the rapists

11.  The Rapists were not actually from Delhi, they came from outside and were not educated

12. We too want liberty to roam on roads freely at any point of time, but sometimes police is nicer to girls than to boys ( atleast they don’t slap you before asking where are you coming from )


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