Legitimacy to Lumpens

India today is rising, high and fast, and usually success has many fathers, and in democracy often people chose who is going to claim the success of the people. Last few years have been interesting to the world politics, people throwing out the government, social media became more reliable source of news and opinion and like every media, politicians are not behind in milking this new medium of opinion making. The revolution of IT has been boon for the youth, it created job for them, it brought out innovators in them, and in recent times revolutionaries are born online. These revolutionaries are rather comfortable, they have comfortable environment to take out their frustration on the people they never met, and never intend to met, the most surprising thing is the way they communicate with strangers. The more abusive you are more the chances of getting more people to follow, they add to your abuse and create a family or online revolutionary who look after and care for each other, without even seeing you.

Earlier these ruckus creating people were sent to the field and if caught were branded as ‘outliers’ and a quick ‘no connection’ was officially communicated, this have changed, these lumpen elements have started to dictate the main stream, their effort to become mainstream doesn’t seem like a secret plan anymore… it is their overt objective. Many of the people raising questions on ethics, characters and eligibility of the journalists and media have nothing to do with the media, sometimes they are employed by some IT consultant companies, sometimes they are engineering grads failed to make big in life because of what they believe ‘ wrong policies of a particular political party’. These people appear frustrated, jubilant, patriot and yet mediocre most of the times, many times it appears they have been given ‘assignments’ but the sad part is unsuspecting common man starts falling for their agenda, he starts suspecting everyone around him, he googles the things these ‘online revolutionaries’ told them. and since he got the tailor made question in their head they get the half answers. Nobody has the time to go to the reference hence the online opinion makes provides them the most valuable ‘Opinions’

This might turn dangerous for India, as riots have started to be influenced by social media, and it is clear the connectivity has become a weapon not platform for the people who have their own agenda to apply to the nation, they are scared of the real world so they take refuge in pseudonames… hence their identity is safe as well. The india is changing for good or bad will be decided by the history and history as everyone knows, is a winner’s account


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