trolling the trolls

apart from GDP, the area where the numbers have increased in past few years, is trolls… they come in every shape, size and form… there will be a guy living comfortable in a developed country, sitting on his couch he would be blaming indian politicians for hard life here, or there will be a guy who could not pass his engineering because of ‘distraction’ and he will be blaming education policies of india. They are fun, and sometimes funny as well, they will pretend to be a commoner, usually they are not, they can afford expensive laptops, broadband bills and lots of liquors which they believe has been the only solution to their problems. If you look at them closely you will sympathise with them, there are not the guys struggling in life, but they become a channel where a frustrated middle class youth is looking, they feel their stories in these troll’s words. They derive their most of the (mis)informations from these trolls, and here is the real danger where these nameless,faceless guys become cyber hit-men. The methodology is pretty simple, invoke the nostalgia, address the culture, abuse the ruling party, and narrate the hostel memories… and you have a ready cocktail for people ( mostly guys ) loving ur expressions, the real game starts after this, sometimes few political parties starts financing them, and you can see the ‘cultural’ texts coming in, next in line lies the ‘anti-cultural’ thing and then anti-national, if you disagree there is already a cyber army ready to organise a stampede over you, so you either join them or just leave the space… leaving is cowardice so you join them to crush other ‘disagreed’ anti-faith or anti-national person, usually you win because you have money coming in from some sources and you have cyber glamour over you, once you are ready to influence thousands of people it is all about hating or loving a particular party.

It is easy to spot them, and they are strong, what about their weaknesses… well one very crucial weakness, they can’t debate with logic, they trust the literature provided to them, but are never trained to question the authenticity of them, they don’t understand the sarcasm, so while you will be sarcastic either they will be happy or mad, they wont understand it, and thats the biggest fun…  they are a good timekills, they believe in what they say, but actually don’t what they are saying, thats the paradox… talk to them play with them, praise them and it’s all fun… troll the trolls… 🙂


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